Intro: According to a study by Insider Intelligence, in 2022 American adults will spend 13 hours 11 minutes per day consuming some type of digital media. With numbers like that, it's no wonder that Our Digital Soul: Collective Anxiety, Media Trauma and A Path Toward Recovery is being released on Amazon this week. 

Written by Marriage and Family Therapist, Jenny Black and Digital Marketing Executive and Organizational Psychologist, BOB HUTCHINS, the book takes a hard look at the impacts of digital media and the trauma that results for all ages and every generation. 

Backed by extensive research and experience, the authors share their own unique personal journeys as well as those of their clients to explore the effects, the science behind it, and a path where we can recover and thrive alongside our digital reality.

Both Black and Hutchins have delivered Tedx Talks on the subjects of the slow drip of media trauma, ambiguous loss, and tragic optimism 


“Our Digital Soul is an essential read for anyone looking to make sense of the role technology plays in our lives. Jenny Black and Bob Hutchins offer a fresh, insightful perspective on the impact of digital media, and provide thoughtful guidance on how we can recover and thrive alongside our constantly-connected world. If you're looking for a roadmap to navigate the overwhelming maze of modern life, this book is for you.”  -Steven Pressfield, Author of The War of Art and Gates of Fire

"Our Digital Soul is a metaphor for what we need right now: A therapist and a media professional charting a path forward for a device-saturated society. I'm glad for comrades like Jenny and Bob who are speaking with the urgency and thoughtfulness our relationship with media tech deserves."  -CJ Casciotta: Author of Get Weird and The Forgotten Art of Being Ordinary:
 A Human Manifesto in the Age of the Metaverse

“The battle between soul and technology continues, and it seems that our soul is losing. This book explains why, what’s at stake, and what we must do to live as whole humans, fully alive. Our future depends on us getting this and taking action.” -Jeff Goins, bestselling author of The Art of Work

“In this book, Jenny Black and Bob Hutchins take a fresh look at how technology has shaped our lives in many ways. They offer insightful guidance for navigating the overwhelming maze of modern life while also providing practical tools that can help us recover from its impacts. You cannot afford not read this insightful work!”  -Ian Cron, Author of The Road Back To You and host of the podcast, Typology


New Book on the Impact of Digital Media, Collective Anxiety and Media Trauma

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