Lose  the  phone

Are you tired of your phone running your life? Think back to how many hours you have spent scrolling. Did it make you feel better about your days? Are you ready to love being you again?  

Give me 60 Days to change your life. Do you want to get in shape, deepen your relationship with your partner, enjoy parenting, makeover your house, or get more fulfillment out of your job? 

You choose the area of life you want to improve and we will guide you through the process of putting your phone in it's proper place and creating space for you to become the best kind of human. 

Jenny Wise Black is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in how media impacts our mental health.
She is the author of Our Digital Soul and the creator of Lose the Phone a podcast series and movement that supports humans as they heal from media addiction and trauma and learn to engage in their real ives and their digital lives
from a place of wholeness.

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