Lose  the  phone & Find The Perfect Internet

Are you tired of your phone running your life? Think back to how many hours you have spent scrolling. Did it make you feel better about your days? Are you ready to love being you again? Remember when you thought your phone would not only make your life easier, it would make it better? Have you wondered why you can't spend less time on your phone even when you try? 

The good news is, there is nothing wrong with you! Well, there was not anything wrong with you, but you accidentally, one day, let the entire world take over your consciousness. The digital world is infinite. Your phone is masterfully, brilliantly, specifically made to fill your mind with everything you could ever want...and, ironically is the exact thing that keeps you from getting everything you want.

As we create a better life for ourselves, we will create a better internet. Then, maybe, one day soon, we will all get more benefits and life satisfaction from the opportunities and connection that our personal media promises us. 





Jenny is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in how media impacts our mental health. She coined the term Media Trauma after observing the symptoms her clients and family were experiencing through their phones. She has been interviewed by Huff Post, The Wall Street Journal, Shrink Chicks and Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off the Vine Podcast. She has written for Real Simple, Her Money and Fast Company. In addition to speaking to hundreds of people about how we can change our relationship with our phones, she also consults large and small groups on how to embark a community digital changes. 

She is the author of Our Digital Soul and the creator of Lose the Phone a podcast series and movement that supports humans as they heal from media addiction and trauma and learn to engage in their real ives and their digital lives
from a place of wholeness.

She is a key note speaker as well as a teacher and guide primarily focused on developing leaders who want to create sustainable cultures where mental health thrives and technology supports human efforts. 
Her topics include:

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