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Where would they promote themselves besides social media? How would a smartphone’s absence affect the creative process?
This fall, Black will produce and create an original podcast documenting a musician’s creative process and work over 30 days, only the musician is not allowed to use a smartphone during that time. Instead, they are given a Gabb Phone that can only call and text.
The musician participating is                            ( a 22-year-old independent singer and songwriter known throughout the community for playing violin on Franklin’s Main Street. He has released multiple singles, and his third recently released this past November. He will work toward creating an album during the month without a smartphone.
“The goal at the end of the 30 days is to watch someone learn to have a healthy relationship with their phone and put it back in its place of becoming a resource and a tool and something that helps you to live our life instead of something that’s controlling your life,” Black said.

If today's artists didn't have smartphones, would they produce different work? 



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Episode Description:
"Lose The Phone" was originally a challenge supposed to last 30 days. But then Jerome asked for 30 more! Jenny wanted to see what he could create in the void that not having a smartphone provided. This episode explores Jerome's first 30 days as he figured out how to live in reality again, a reality that Jerome had not lived in since he was 16 years old.

Episode Description:
In the first 30 days, Jerome focuses on his basic needs and relationships, climbing up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (one of Jenny's obsessions). In the second 30 days, Jerome gets lost without maps, is looking for how to say what he has to share musically, and learns the most natural way to be human.

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